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justin talking about britney's "virginity" - 08.27.2002 - 02:38 p.m.
oh britney, britney, britney. you make me so sad. i don't know why. and this. and this. tsk tsk tsk.

pamela anderson retires - 08.02.02 - 11:01 a.m.
or so she says.

geri's releasing a SECOND autobiography - 7.26.02 - 04:02 p.m.
the book is supposed to be all about her struggles with bulemia, but the cover photo is a picture of her looking super thin with a tape measurer wrapped around her body. hmm...

uhhh....oooookay - 7.26.02 - 03:47 p.m.
what in the??? what is prince's ex-wife doing with skanky tommy lee? weird. i didn't even know they were together.

oh. my. god. - 7.26.02 - 10:32 a.m.
liza minnelli wants to do a duet with dr. dre on her reality show. please tell me she's joking. pretty please.

britney flips off the mexican press - 7.26.02 - 09:35 a.m.
picture here.

britney's career dying a slow death - 7.26.02 - 09:14 a.m.
man, i must have missed the interviews where justin was telling people he took britney's virginity. (not that this is a big shocker or anything.)

eeeee! - 7.24.02 - 12:57 p.m.
o-town is on boxes of frosted cheerios for some ungodly reason. i SO need a box!

oh no! - 7.24.02 - 07:27 a.m.
they're gonna remake the monkees tv show. what the???

damn, whore! - 7.24.02 - 07:04 a.m.
j-lo is dating again already. damn, the cris judd relationship is barely in the grave.

justin is a manwhore? - 7.22.02 - 09:31 a.m.
if the rumors are true, justin's been getting around lately. (i still think he should get back with britney, though.) and what's up with this rumor about britney dating a 5th rate boy-bander? sheesh, she could have done so much better.

american idol sequel already planned - 07.19.02 - 09:06 p.m.

christina aguilera's new album - 07.19.02 - 09:04 p.m.
oh sweet lord. i think christina thinks she's becoming pink.

avril lavigne = poseur - 07.19.02 - 09:03 p.m.
have i mentioned how much i dislike this girl? she's all "punk rock", yet her favorite bands are matchbox 20 and hanson. yeah.

angelina jolie's getting divorced - 07.18.02 - 08:34 p.m.
who's not shocked? oh yeah, that'd be me. and here's lesson #3973497359734543 why people should not rush into marriage. and they just adopted a baby last month. suck.

p. diddy blah blah blah tv show blah blah blah - 7.17.02 - 05:50 p.m.
nooooooooooooo! this is just SO. VERY. WRONG. not to mention that it sounds like the most boring show EVER.

lance is going to space - 7.17.02 - 12:13 p.m.
kinda old news, but yeah. rich people get to have all the fun. hmph.

liza minnelli wants her own reality show - 7.17.02 - 10:16 a.m.
damn, everyone's jumping on this bandwagon these days. who in the hell wants to watch liza minnelli and her "i'm not gay, i swear!" husband on tv? besides really old people, anyway?

nelly to get own sitcom - 7.17.02 - 10:14 a.m.
yes, you read that right. he wants to be the next will smith. what in the hell?

"felicity" being put out on DVD - 7.17.02 - 10:12 a.m.

aaliyah pilot was cracked out - 7.17.02 - 10:08 a.m.
well, no wonder the plane crashed.

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